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Every human being is naturally a part of a society. Be it evolution or God who made us this way, we cannot exist outside a social context. In primeval times, exile was the worst punishment for going against the community a person lived in. Rather often, a tribe and its territory equaled the whole world for an individual. Today, it is difficult to become completely isolated from one’s society—but, as always, interacting with it is much more beneficial and convenient compared to lonesome survival.

All the versatility of social relationships is studied by one of the most complex disciplines that can be taught in a college: sociology. Existing on the brink of multiple sciences such as psychology, anthropology, history, political science, mathematics, and so on, this discipline is difficult, but extremely interesting to learn. A sociology professor in a college can reveal a whole new world to his or her students, opening their eyes to the complexity and richness of social processes occurring in modern society.

Unfortunately, along with fascinating discoveries come boring academic assignments: essays, research papers, thesis papers, term papers, and so on. Writing each of them requires significant amounts of time and dedication. And, considering how complicated studying in English alone can be for a foreign student, a number of papers to complete may increase in a progression.

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