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TakeAway Essay

Application essay help: application writing service

Every legit college looks for a certain type of students, but there are common requirements that all of them share. Among those are dedication, love for studies, discipline, and being well-spoken. And if you’re not sure how to show everything you’ve got to the admission committee, a custom application essay writing service will help a lot!

Speaking of which, TakeAwayEssay is just such a service, ready to provide the best quality of writing at a fast speed for a cheap price. The writers we hire often specialize in motivational essays, so if you need a wholesome personal statement, you’re at the best place for it! We’d love to give some information about us before you make the final choice, so here you go.

Why buy application essay here: introducing the company in numbers

Our application essay writing service was founded in 2018, and since then it has helped thousands of students. We write every type of essay, and you should visit an order page to check out our grade options. This is done to improve your own writing skills and the quality of papers gradually.

We have a quality assurance department that tracks the criteria of the best 70 universities in the US to make sure the paper is on the needed level. Our experts will answer your “write my application essay” request strictly to the standard that you specify with the order.

Your custom application essays are in the professional hands of 532 writers. Every writer working for us has excellent English not only because they were great students but because part of them are from the US. We’ve divided the team into 4 groups according to their majors: STEM, social studies, business studies, and law.

The only way to make sure you hire the right people is to see their writing style, speed, and quality of writing beforehand. This is just what we do, making the candidates pass at least 3 tests.

Write my application essay: what you’ll get by using our service

When people buy application essay from our service, they have to be surrounded by comfort, that’s our goal. So, before you pay, we offer a handy price calculator to see just how affordable your custom essays or even a dissertation will be. You can find the feature on the main page.

Along with being student-friendly money-wise, we also have some free features:

  • Formatting (any common format)
  • Title and bibliography pages
  • Grading criteria
  • Samples (not writer-specific)

So, if you’re saving money, making a purchase from our custom application essay writing service won’t hurt your plans. However, if you have some extra finances, we can provide even more for your order:

  • Writer-specific samples so you can see the style of the writer that was assigned to you
  • Additional PowerPoint slides and charts for your “do my term paper for me” request
  • A list of links to the research sources that were used for your custom application essays

Moreover, if your assignments are large and costly, we offer a part-by-part payment. Buy the paper section by section as they get finished and approved.

Pay for application essay: our safety guarantees for all students

We have written over a million original pages. In 2018, at 969k, we calculated that the height of the paid papers our experts delivered would have been 94 meters, just like Big Ben! And you know what such a giant thing needs? A solid foundation.

Our solid foundation is safety guarantees:

  • Non plagiarism guarantee
    All the assignments we do are unique and checked for plagiarism and quality of contents.
  • Money-back guarantee
    While students buy application essay online from us successfully every day, online services may make a mistake. For such situations, we have a convenient refund policy.
  • Confidential data guarantee
    According to our privacy policy, all private information we get remains in our database only for contact and delivery.

That was a lot of info, but we hope you got the idea of what kind of website this is. We have offers for sale, free stuff, and lots of dedication to writing. So, if you need us to answer your “help me do my application essay” request, enough hesitation! Place your order or contact us if you need an urgent helper for that.

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